About Real Oceans

Welcome to RealOceans.

The seas contain more than 99 percent of Earth’s living space. RealOceans is your navigator through the vastness of ocean science and policy. We provide news updates, commentary, profiles and a place for scientists, policymakers, and journalists to ask questions and debate answers stretching across the many dynamic endeavors too-often lumped into the monolithic category, “oceans.”

A goal of the site is to enable stakeholders across the many ocean issues to mingle and learn from each other. RealOceans welcomes material from readers, be it commentary, newsy items, reviews of journal articles – or simply feedback on what you’d like to see more of. The site is a guided resource, but with abundant flexibility to provide professionals with a communication forum and readers with a voice.

Our first project here is the “Science Matters,” providing summaries of peer-reviewed literature and commentary on it in discussion space. “On the Hill” features summaries federal politics and policy where you’ll find the latest up to date information on what’s moving in Congress. At “Dispatches” we provide thoughts and commentary on current ocean issues and events. Visit “On the Waterfront” to read first person accounts from those working on the issues in the field or on the floor.

Real Oceans is a project of The Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions of Duke University.


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