Hunter Considers Scale

By Sheril Kirshenbaum

Hunter Jr, M. L. (2005). “A mesofilter conservation strategy to complement fine and coarse filters.” Conservation Biology 19(4): 1025-1029.

Hunter points out that many species such as invertebrates, fungi, and some plants are often overlooked in traditional ecosystem conservation management. He addresses the need to conserve critical elements of ecosystems by adopting a fine-filter approach. This means thinking about localized habitats such as logs and reefs and processes like fires and floods which are crucial to these finer scale systems. A good example of where this manner of management is occurring would be the Northwest Straits Initiative in the North Pacific. Managers have adopted strategies that incorporate localized actions such as the removal of derelict fishing gear and cleanup of leaching hazardous materials on beaches. Hunter discusses the significance of case-specific information and implementation strategies and recommends complimentary policy action such as green certification and landowner incentive programs.


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