Farm Bill?

March 31, 2007

Why are we talking about the farm bill on an oceans site? One, because it’s the biggest conservation bill the Congress will work on. Two, because what happens on farms directly affects what happens on the coast. And three, because the farm bill represents one of the best ways to make this connection. Special thanks to the 2007 Knauss Sea Grant Fellows for getting this discussion going. *Latest Major Action: *12/14/2007 Resolving differences — Senate actions. Status: Senate insisted on its amendment, requested a conference. *House Reports: *110-256

Therefore, is ethanol yellow gold or fool’s gold?

Ethanol is going to be huge in the Farm Bill and on the Campaign trail. Politically, it is really attractive for so many reasons – get your green credentials and help farmers too. The articles and hopefully discussion in this folder take another look at ethanol – and try to connect it to coastal issues.